Private Coaching to Get You ‘Unstuck’ In Your Riding


A 12-week personalized training program to get you ‘unstuck’ and moving forward in your riding.  Private Coaching is perfect for the equestrian who wants a more tailored, individual approach to improving their riding – and who is willing to put in the work to get the results… Payment Plan Available

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Horse riding is a personal and unique journey for each and every equestrian.

Private Coaching is just that.  You and me, working together to get you moving in the direction you want in your riding.  There is a certain ‘type’ of rider I enjoy working with, so before we go any further, perhaps we should see if we are a good fit.

Private Coaching is for Riders who are:-

  • Willing to do the work ~ not just ‘say’ that they want to improve
  • Ready to show up and make a commitment ~ I can’t help if you’re not all in
  • Feeling stuck about how slow their progress has been ~ I am great at spotting those little (but oh so impactful) things that riders do which are keeping them stuck
  • Excited to mount up (or lunge) 3 to 5 times a week – no excuses
  • Coachable ~ you are open to new ideas and trying things a different way if necessary
  • Responsible ~ you know that your influence is controlled by you.  No-one else.  You
  • Good, open communicators ~ I’m not a mind reader, you need to come to the table too

Wishing, hoping and praying is not going to improve your riding.  Neither will just ‘learning’.

Private coaching is us getting together once a week.  This is either by video call or by email.  It is me looking at your riding through videos you will create.  It is you then going and doing the work.

Taking the necessary, correct action is key to improving.  My job is to guide you on what actions to take and when to take them.  Together we will work on getting you ‘unstuck’ in your riding. 

We will work together to get you moving forward and making progress in your riding.  We begin by getting together for a “hello, how are ya chat” where you can tell me a little more about you.

From there, we will identify what you want to achieve in the 12 weeks.  And then we hit the ground running…

Private Coaching consists of:-

  • 1 initial ‘on-boarding’ call, so we can get clear on our focus for our time together
  • 6 private 20-minute video calls – face to face
  • The weeks without calls will have emails; 6 from me to check-in with you
  • 6 video reviews with feedback (also on alternate weeks to our calls)
  • Direct line to me for the duration of coaching via Telegram App
  • A personalized audio feed set up for you to include training I feel will help you
  • A 20-minute audio training created especially for you to work on after our 12 weeks together
  • Initial implementation support from my team
  • Support from my team for the duration of your coaching & beyond…
  • 3 months of Daily Strides Premium which will begin after our coaching has ended to help you continue to make progress
  • 12 weeks of email accountability from a member of my team to keep you moving forward while you are using Daily Strides Premium

Private Coaching is a 12-week commitment to show up as the best version of you in the saddle & getting clear on where you want those 12 weeks to take you…

This is NOT for Riders who:-

  • Refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions and results ~ you are the biggest influence over your horse in the saddle
  • Fail to show up ~ missing calls is not ‘okay’
  • Sporadic with their actions ~ riding once a week will get you so far, but only so far
  • Negative and unwilling to try ~ what you’re doing now isn’t working, therefore trying something different is probably the key to moving forward!
  • Are disrespectful, rude and bad-tempered ~ this is pretty self-explanatory 😉

So, if you want to finally make some major changes in your riding and you want to transition into 2020 already far ahead of where you are right now; let’s work together.

Due to time limitations, spaces are limited.

There is a payment plan also available – CLICK HERE for more details

Still unsure if this is for you?  I get it; I also like to ask questions.  I’m going to suggest that you jump on a free no-obligation 15-minute discovery call with me and ‘ask away’. If we are to work together, I want us both to feel comfortable, confident and happy.  This will help to ensure this is the case.

I will tell you if I think we can work together.  If we can, great.  If not, perhaps I can advise you on other ways you can get ‘unstuck’ in your riding.

I’m going to be honest with you.  You might even say I’m being a little blunt, but here it goes; you’ve read this far for a reason.  Now do something! Take action…

Do it today and either invest right now or schedule a call.

Today might just the day you finally begin to get ‘unstuck’ in your riding.

Keep well